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Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning Attorney

Now is the right time to create a financial plan for the future. The Law Offices of Charles M. Green offers complete estate planning services to ensure that your assets are protected and will pass on to those you intend.

Typically, estate planning revolves around two instruments: wills and trusts.


A will is the formal legal document stating how you would like your estate distributed. The document defines how to distribute assets and who will manage this distribution. It also addresses essential issues such as guardianship for minor children. Completing this plan provides for a responsible, reliable, and simple transition of legal authority and assets.


A trust is an entity separate from yourself that controls the assets you place into it. The trust agreement document determines the rules of the trust: for example, how long it will last and the beneficiaries of the assets. A trust allows you to avoid probate: the process in which a court oversees the administration of a will. This can save your beneficiaries significant time and money.

Legal Guidance in Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Charles M. Green can counsel you about important issues, such as durable powers of attorney and health care directives. Mr. Green can also help with probate matters, including plans to avoid probate court completely.

One of the most important reasons to work with an attorney in estate planning is the ever-changing landscape of federal tax law. Clients who have accumulated substantial retirement / employee benefits work with us to design plans that address these changes. We provide a complete spectrum of financial and tax management support, from the preparation of federal returns to trust administration services.


Estate Planning for High-Net-Worth Clients

The Law Offices of Charles M. Green regularly supports high-net-worth individuals who require complex estate plans to minimize taxes.

An important part of our practice is estate planning for business owners whose personal wealth is concentrated in their companies. Mr. Green’s combination of business acumen, accounting skills, and family law expertise help clients achieve their succession planning objectives.


Learn More about Wills and Trusts

You can begin the process with an initial consultation to learn about your options. By taking this first step, you will start planning for your family’s future well-being and the responsible transfer of assets.

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